Our Process
All Hand Made
Step 1.
Find The Natural Pattern

Within each piece, I am always looking for the natural wood grain river patterns. Every board has it's own flow.

Step 2.
The Picture Perfect Cut

Each piece is hand cut to create a totally unique design, every time. (Yes, the risk of losing a finger, is always there)

Step 3.
All The Fun With Silicone

Molding the perfect piece takes immense concentration and surgical precision.

step 4.
Mathing It All Out

Mr. Bigler went on to explain things no one could understand, but he must be a math wiz. 😉

Step 5.
Finding The Perfect Mix

From solid colors, to complete custom mixes, we can mix anything. Don't be scared to get jiggy with it.

Step 6.
Epoxy Pouring

After a long day of intensive precision, now we get to the good part.

Step 7.
Raid The Fridge

Raid the fridge, clear the pantry, and show it off. Charcuterie has no bounds!

Step 8.
How Fancy Can You Get?!

Whether you are hosting a party, having a romantic evening in or looking for functional art, the Biglers know how to help you stand out.

"To be a part of someone's life in such a small way, makes everything we do so worth it."
-David & Bonnie
Amazing Quality